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7 Ways to Incorporate Exercise Into Your Busy Schedule


“I’m too busy.”
This is one of the biggest excuses for not keeping fit. You have your kids and your whole family to care for, your job is too demanding or the gym is just too far away. The list is endless!
But if you really really want to exercise, you can make out time for it somehow. You might ask, “do I really have to exercise?” I say yes, because the benefits of exercising are so many. It’s not just about losing weight; exercise reduces stress and fatigue, boosts your immune system, increases sex drive, lifts your mood, strengthens your heart, improves sleep patterns and a lot more! So are you really too busy to boost your overall health and be a better version of yourself? I didn’t think so. There are ways you can incorporate exercise into your day without even having to go to the gym all the time.

Here are 7 Ways to Exercise on a Busy Schedule:

1. Make a plan and commit to it.
Decide on the best time for exercise in your schedule and set a timer to always remind you. Stay committed to this plan and you won’t have any problems with keeping fit.

2. Workout early in the morning.
Exercising first thing in the morning is a good way to stay fit, because your day might just get busier and busier and before you know it, you’re off to bed. You can wake up earlier than normal in the morning and steal a few minutes to exercise efficiently. This will also fire up your metabolism and give you energy for the day ahead. But of course, if working out early in the morning is not for you, try to experiment working out at other times of the day.

3. Workout efficiently.
Since not having enough time is usually the issue, make good use of whatever time you have to exercise by doing high-intensity workouts. About 30 minute of these will be just enough to help you keep fit.

4. Make use of your lunch breaks.
If you have lunch breaks that are long enough, why not take a walk to a local park and eat your lunch there then walk back to work. You can also workout right at your desk using water bottles for dumbbells. Other exercises you can do at your desk are seated leg raises, chair dips and shadow boxing.

5. Always take the stairs.
Believe it or not, taking the stairs is an efficient workout. It can improve cardiovascular health and build lower body muscles. So always skip the elevator whenever you can and use the stairs.

6. Use your free time.
Yes, your free time should be for relaxing, watching TV and enjoying sometime with family. But if you have time to watch TV, you should be able to squeeze in some exercises. You can even work out while watching your favourite TV shows.

7. Make it fun.
It’s hardly motivating when going to the gym or exercising at home feels like a chore. Consider making your workout time more enjoyable and fun. Sign up for a dance class or swimming lessons. When exercises is fun for you, you’ll be excited enough to make out time for it!

Which of these strategies have you used to fit exercise into your busy schedule? 👇🏿

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