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It’s all about the season. As the Christmas day rapidly draws closer, we are busy trying to make it perfect that we often fail to take good care of our health. Below are top tips to help you and your family stay healthy during the Christmas period and beyond.
1. Eat vitamin and mineral-rich foods
Most of the commonly consumed foods on festive like Christmas are nutrient-depleting, so try to include some foods rich in potassium, magnesium, zinc and iron, which are vital for keeping energy levels high. Good sources you could include at Christmas include fish, turkey, eggs and sprouts. Vitamins are essential to enzyme processes in the body; a quick and easy way to get plenty of vitamins is to blend fruit and make smoothies, cook vegetables ‘al dente ‘, and eat a variety of lean meat and fish, and whole dairy products.
2. Keep breakfast healthy
You’ll need plenty of energy in reserve so start your day with a healthy breakfast that won’t surge your blood sugar levels and send you into an energy slump or knock your mood off balance. Use breakfast as an opportunity to eat plenty of fruit and top up with immune-boosting antioxidants. Avoid refined carbohydrates such as sugary cereals, toast and opt instead for slow-release carbohydrates such as porridge (with a spoon of honey) or a good source of protein such as scrambled eggs.
3 Make lunch or dinner light
If you know you’ll be having a heavy lunch or dinner, switch one of them for light, healthy snacks. Eating light will leave you with some energy for social occasions, and help counter some of the rich and heavy meals you’ll be eating over the festive period.
4 Sleep more
Many of us reach Christmas fatigued because we don’t prioritize sleep. Try to get real sleep every night, and avoid over-committing yourself. Alcohol, rich food and too much-refined carbohydrate can wreak havoc on sleep patterns and leave you sleepless. Control your intake of these festive extras and aim for 8 hours of good sleep.
5 Keep Fit
If you have a fitness regime, try and stick to it more or less, especially on those days you’re at home. Even just a daily walk will help to prevent your already over-burdened digestive system from becoming sluggish. Not only will walking help you work off the extra calories, but it’s great for mood, and getting rid of that claustrophobic feeling from spending too much time indoors doing nothing.
As you celebrate the Christmas with lots of eating and drinking, remember to follow the tips above so as you stay healthy. Merry Christmas…


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