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Louise Ann Paris

Family and Child Development Specialist


Louise is a wife, mum, sister and friend. She loves being in the kitchen, ‘upcycling’ old furniture and has recently become slightly obsessed with her Fitbit and going Zero waste.


Louise is a Family andChild Development Specialistwith over 12 years experience of working in bothprivate and statutory government organizations in the United Kingdom.Louise’s expertise involves, working across a wide range of needs from universal to more specialists,including multiple and complex needs. She specializesin the strengthening of families through evidence based processes, Parenting Consultations both 1:1 and in a groupsetting,and supporting children and families through proven techniques to improve outcomes and to effect positive behavior change. Among her many notable roles and accomplishments, Louise has served as a Child Development and Family services consultant and a Regional Manager for multiple groups of local government Children’s Centres, both in rural England and inner city London. Louise has alsobeen the chair person to a Children’s Centre advisory board, successfully developed and coordinated the Young Parent Services Project in Children’s Centres across a prominent London borough, managed Family Support teams, developed and implemented Family Support Services for Local Government programs and has developed evidence based parenting courses founded on the principles of the psychodynamics of human development.




Louise has a BSc Behavioral Science from Andrews University and an MSc in Psychodynamics of Human Development (Analytical Psychology emphasis).She continues her professional development by attempting to obtaina PhD in Psychotherapy.

Among others she also holds qualifications in health and social care – children and young people, various evidence based parenting programs, and has recently completed 2 years of Psychoanalytical focused Infant Observations with the British Psychotherapy Foundation


Louisehas found the virtual community of mothers to be of invaluable support, particularly in the earlier days when she was anew mum and as a result she is delighted to be able to give back to this community through her contributions here on African Mommy.


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