7 Great Flexible Jobs for Mums

2019-05-10 8:32:14 AM

No matter where you are in the world today, finding the right job as a working parent is no easy task as it be such a struggle juggling a family and a professional career. Several research suggests that many highly qualified women leave their careers and opt to start their own business due to family … Continue reading “7 Great Flexible Jobs for Mums”

5 ways to discover your sense of purpose at work

2018-08-27 4:52:27 PM

By Folake Sebiotimo Purpose is a far-reaching, steady goal, something personally meaningful and self-transcending that, ideally, shows up in our lives every day. – Viktor Frankl Did you know that a sense of purpose could actually lead to a longer life? According to research conducted by the Association for Psychological Science in 2014, feeling that … Continue reading “5 ways to discover your sense of purpose at work”