5 Reasons Why Your ‘Edges’ are Thinning Out

2019-06-21 8:00:33 AM

Is your hairline thinning out? You’re not alone. Hair loss along the edges or hair loss in general is a very common beauty problem. Our hair is a unique part of our identity and in a society where beauty and physical appearance are placed on such high standards, losing your hairline or edges can be … Continue reading “5 Reasons Why Your ‘Edges’ are Thinning Out”

Hair Porosity

2019-05-10 8:39:30 AM

Do you ever wonder why a product works for you but not for your daughter? You ask questions like “but we have same hair texture, why is her hair always dry?” It might be that you have different hair porosity. Hair porosity is how well your hair is able to absorb and hold moisture. How … Continue reading “Hair Porosity”