All that you have to know about home birthing.

2019-12-06 2:45:49 PM

Numerous ladies think about conceiving an offspring at home since they need to evade the cutting edge environment and mediations of a medical clinic. You’re a decent contender for a home birth in case you’re healthy and have an uncomplicated pregnancy. In any case, most hopeful moms don’t move beyond the reasoning stage – home … Continue reading “All that you have to know about home birthing.”

Breasts or Boobs? (Part 3)

2018-09-14 5:11:27 AM

Breasts or boobs? (Part 3) Dr. Gregory Oyinloye How do you care for the breasts? Considering the breasts’ tremendous importance to reproduction, self image and sexual satisfaction, proper attention needs to be paid to them. Once the breast has started to bud it is best to learn how to self examine them, and get acquainted … Continue reading “Breasts or Boobs? (Part 3)”