Raising Kids To Say NO To Bullying

2019-08-30 3:09:02 PM

It can be very disappointing to hear that your kid has been picking on others.   As hard as it may be to process this, it’s important to address it properly. Be it physical or verbal, bullying if not stopped it can lead to more aggressive antisocial behavior and worse still mess up your child’s … Continue reading “Raising Kids To Say NO To Bullying”

10 Strategies for Dealing with a Defiant Teen

2019-08-09 2:09:04 PM

Adolescence can be a difficult phase in life to navigate. Defying the wishes of their parents (or other authority figures) and testing limits is a normal part of growing up for teens. Youth are trying to figure out who they are, establish their independence, and express themselves. Unfortunately, in some teens, this process can cause … Continue reading “10 Strategies for Dealing with a Defiant Teen”