What to do When Your Child Won’t Stop Talking

2019-02-28 12:10:42 PM

One time I asked my two-year-old daughter who was talking way too much on the bus, to try to be quiet for a minute. The elderly woman sitting next to us looked at me disapprovingly and told me not to shut her up for any reason. She said this was a very important stage of … Continue reading “What to do When Your Child Won’t Stop Talking”

Your Toddler can Remember

2019-02-21 8:26:26 AM

Your Toddler can Remember Wikipedia says, “Most people have no memory prior to three years of age, and few memories between three and six years of age, as verified by analysis of theĀ forgetting curveĀ in adults recalling childhood memories.” But the next time you want to say, “he will not remember this”, stop and think about … Continue reading “Your Toddler can Remember”