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Daycare Vs Hiring A Nanny

nanny vs daycare for babies
 We understand that every family has different needs when it comes to childcare and what works for your neighbour or your best mom friend might not work for you!
To help any moms who are embarking on this decision for themselves,  here are the pros and cons of two common childcare solutions: hiring a nanny and enrolling your child in daycare.
Pros: Enrolling Your Child in Daycare
Daycares can provide your child with built-in social interaction with other children. This can help your child to learn how to play well with others.
Daycare can be more cost-effective than a nanny. However, if you have multiple children, daycare costs which are paid per child enrolled can skyrocket quickly.
Most daycares provide lunches and snacks for the children in their care.
Pros: Hiring a Nanny
Finding a great nanny for your child can be tasking but when or if you do, it’s worth it.
A nanny can provide consistency and stability in your child’s life. Ideally, your child’s nanny will be a part of his or her life for many years; over time, your nanny may grow to become part of the family.
Because she’ll be giving your child personal attention, your nanny will have a special one-on-one bond with them. This will also allow her to prepare activities and games that will intellectually stimulate and enrich your child, based on their individual interests.
A nanny will often be flexible with her hours, which means if you have a late meeting at work, or need to go in early, she will generally be able to accommodate that. Unlike a daycare which often has set hours that may require you or your partner to rearrange your own work schedules.
You’re in control when you have a nanny; as their employer, you have the ability to design their position to fit your family’s needs exactly. If you require it, your nanny can also handle daily tasks in the home, such as light housekeeping, preparing meals for the children, or household errands.
Your nanny can provide both unstructured and structured opportunities for socialization and play. For example, she may take your child to play at the park, schedule playdates, or enrol them in classes suited to their interests and age group.
Cons: Enrolling Your Child in Daycare
Enrolling your child in daycare will absolutely expose them to more germs. This can be good because it can build immunity. However, it may also result in your child getting sick more often.  If your child is unwell while enrolled in a day care, you will likely need to arrange for emergency childcare or take time off work to stay home with them.
Due to a host of factors, including long hours and low pay, there is constant change in staff members which could lead your child to feel inconsistently cared for or expose your child to caregivers who perhaps have less training than they should.
Daycares are usually open a specific set of hours. If you work an unusual schedule, you may find yourself having to rearrange your work schedule or arrange for additional evening or early morning childcare.
If your child has special needs or is sensitive to external stimuli, they may find daycare overwhelming.
Cons: Hiring a Nanny
Your Nanny may be abusing your kids. Most times, parents place hidden cameras in the house to supervise the Nanny, this surely helps but not everyone has the means to surround the house with security cameras.
Parents with a good nanny often find themselves developing a surprisingly strong emotional attachment to their nanny. Because the nanny works in the home and oftentimes stays with a family for years at a time, she can easily become part of the family.
If your nanny is sick, late, or needs the day off, this can potentially disrupt your entire day. However, a good nanny understands this and when possible will work out a solution with you well in advance.
Childcare is a personal decision. It’s important to point out your family’s childcare needs before beginning your search.

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