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Easy Ways To Bond with Your Child(ren)


The first step to bonding with your child is to first be your child’s friend. You know how kids like to spend time with their mummy and they sometimes get to throw tantrums. Well, enjoy every moment and act the same way sometimes so your kid would have to pause to watch mummy throw tantrums.

• Learn to free your mind, stay calm, sing and dance with your kids, make them comfortable around you, tell them stories, have a family song.

• Makeup nicknames for each other and give your own words to everyday things. Simple things like coming up with a funny name for the bathroom can make you bond as a family.

• Be there to encourage your child to triumph, let him learn to fail too, and then be there for him with hugs and encouragement.

• Make each of your kids feel special by finding different ways to connect with them. Take your son to the park while the others are with friends, or make a craft with your daughter while her little brother naps. Kids will remember having that alone time with you for the rest of their lives.

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