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    <p style=”text-align: right;”>Parenting they say doesn’t have to be complicated! But how do you raise five kids without loosing your sanity?</p>

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    Parenting they say doesn’t have to be complicated! But how do you raise five kids without loosing your sanity?

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    Its not easy raising one not to talk of five..its not ur job alone..Ur partner should be involved.itx more difficult when you are working.If you know u re a busy person then you should get someone to assist

    Princess osaghae(zees_pride)

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    Happy O

    Heheheheee, it’s not easy ooo but God has way of making things fall in place. It’s a difficult task raising a single child, how much more 5 children. I have just one and am not finding it easy at all. Am not the talking type but parenting has made me a talk active person. That which you don’t want them to do is what you will find them doing 😂😂. Gradually,  am learning to ignore some of those things that rises my temper to avoid high blood pressure. So my sister,  you can over look their annoying acts some times for the sake of your health. God knows how to mould them better but we can only give our best.

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    I just got 2 on my hands and it’s been one day at a time

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    raising a child is a work so all hands must be on deck,is a collective effort between you and your spouse and the community at large be open for correction and work on the things corrected

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    It sure gets better when we don’t give up

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    Raising children is a serious work. I have three children,sometimes I’ll almost cry when they do somethings. But it is important to take a day at a time. Prayer is very important, because it is a collective effort between you,your spouse and God. Correct them in love. Bring them closer to learn from you. But trust God to see you through.

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