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    Who comes first in a woman’s life ..her husband ? Or her children ?

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    Hmmm that’s a 1 million dollar question  💡 . Personally For me I will say the children as, the husband is an adult that is capable of changing. E.g Falling out of love and moving on. As for the kids they isn’t anything like that, their love for their mother is second to none (as long as tgey have a good relationship) and they will always be a forever bond between a mother and her child(ren) even when they move away and leave home. So for me I’ll say the children come first. I hope it helps.

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    I’ll say the husband comes first.  Because the love that exist between I and hubby gives our child a great sense of security.

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    The husband comes first.a man and a woman shall come together and become ONE FLESH…children are important but nothing/nobody shud take d position of ur spouse.its just like asking btw the wife and mother who shud come first in a man’s life?nothin takes d place of a spouse

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    The husband comes first!

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    The husband mostly because the children will grow and leave you when they  or go to school. So if you aren’t in good terms with your hubby, you people would have drifted apart and it’s a lonely life afterwards

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    Happy O

    I just learnt reasons to put my hubby first. Thank you very for this post

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    Of course for me it’s both.
    I love my man and my children in two different ways just like I love God in another kind of way.
    Dunno if I’m making sense.

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    The child in my opinion. 😉

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    this question needs wisdom to tackle ,in as much as we love our children ,husband comes first except the husband is misbehaving then u clinge finally on your kids ,as for me ,i try to strike balance so that known will feel neglected .

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    The husband comes first because the love for the husband exist before the existence of the children. The children are also very important but this topic really need patience and wisdom .

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    The husband comes first so he won’t feel jealous

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