Anger after having a baby! Can it be postpartum depression ?

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    So I had my baby here in SA  about 6months ago. In all the Joy that I feel, I still snap at almost everything. Never been like this before my baby.  I dunno if this is something I should ignore or should I go see a Doctor?

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    Well sometimes depression often leads to anger but I strongly suggest you talk to your doctor about u hurt your child mistakenly as a result of the anger..You should get help since you said you weren’t like this before..

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    yes most times it is ,once you have a new baby you need all they help within your reach so that u can be able to rest and recover yourself back ,if not it sets to depression ,call for help and get help when needed .

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    Thanks guys

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    Taking care of baby is a whole lots of work and if you don’t watch it,  you will break down. Just take it one step at a time and don’t allow situations around you aggreviate your mood. Learn to let some things you can’t do be and have time for yourself. I believe it will help you a lot being yourself..

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    Yes, very possible can talk to your doctor about it.

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    Take it one step at a time.
    Somehow relax you don’t have to be Madam Mummy Perfect so you wouldn’t be putting so much pressure/expectations on yourself.
    And get all the sleep u can steal.
    most importantly see a doctor

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    Take it easy,  all will be well.

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    Hi Lenor,

    I know it must be hard trying to stay calm when you have this rage of emotions but you can also check with your doctor just to be sure everything is alright.  😘

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