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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Pregnancy comes with lots of challenges. Some pregnant women even in their early 20’s fall sick right from the 2nd week of pregnancy and only recovers well after delivery. So many women are not opportuned to have their own babies at early stage in life but never give up, trying to conceive even at the age of 40 and above. This keeps me worried about my cousin who is 45, still trying to conceive. How healthy & safe could the baby and mom be from pregnancy to birth if she eventually conceive?. Any experienced mother in the house? Pls throw light on this.</p>

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    Don’t need to worry to much just keep praying for her with God all thing are possible, if she eventually conceive as I believe is not tool late for her. She will only need close morning by a good gynecologists and with pray she will smiles at last.

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    Needless to worry believe in God that your case is different, but work hand in hand with a good gynae and lord will see u through.

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    I’m sure God will be there for her from pregnancy to labour and to a easy and peaceful delivery

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    a lot of complications but it is well

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    I believe that women over 40 can have perfectly healthy pregnancies and healthy, happy babies. The most important factor is your own health and a healthy lifestyle. Eat right, exercise, relax, do pregnancy yoga and/or pregnancy massage. Get lots of sleep at the beginning of the pregnancy. With God,  all things are possible.

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