Between C-section and natural birth which one is more painful help a friend here

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    Those who ve tasted both should answer the question

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    Heheheheee this your question past my power ooo. I never had CS before to know if it’s more painful than natural birth

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    It’s only people that have gone through both process that can answer this question, it’s bigger than me abeg

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    it depends on body and choice. both have its dos and donts ,both are painful but that of natural birth once the baby poops out it stoped except you have tears that will take like 2-3weeks to heal ,but cs you will be bearing the pain and be careful of what you are doing to aviod having the stiches tear,but in all if cs is the only option to save your life and baby please do it the pain is temporary dont argue with your doctor.moreover cs this days have been mordernised unlike previous past years .cheers .

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    First to correct your topic name, there’s nothing like natural birth. That is the stigmatization against cs that make women kill themselves and their baby all because of ‘natural birth’. It’s called vaginally delivery. Vaginal delivery is very painful during labor but stops after labor. There are no restrictions to lifting, exercising and going back to your daily activities. CS is less painful because you are under anesthesia but after delivery, there’s more pain and 3-6 months of healing time. Both are natural ways of birthing a baby. Meanwhile epidural is the easiest but our great Africa has not adopted it yet. Women birth effortlessly and less pain in the abroad by epidural

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    I had CS and it was successful.I hear people say the other is more painful though since I ain’t experienced that I will allow those who’ve explain better

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    I have had natural birth and it was super painful. i said i was going for cs next time and i got snares from some people. i dunno which is less painful but i cant explain the degree of pain i felt in having my baby.

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