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    Some women do not have their regular menstrual flow while breastfeeding their baby, which is the type of body every woman wants. My question is without the menstrual flow can a woman get pregnant ¬†or does it have any effect on the woman’s body

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    It’s not possible for a woman to be pregnant without the Fallopian tube releasing the egg which if not fertilized, comes out inform of menstruation.

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    Obere_mickey I disagree with you, the fact that the woman isn’t havimg her monthly flow doesn’t mean she she can’t get pregnant, it sometimes work for some women who don’t get pregnant while breastfeeding while it doesn’t work for others

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    I know of women who thought breastfeeding mode was safe and still got pregnant.So not menstruating is no a safe zone

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    A woman can get pregnant if she has sex in her ovulation period. Even if she’s breastfeeding, seeing her menses or not. Use contraceptive

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    Yes a woman can get pregnant when she is breastfeeding, seeing her menses or net.

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