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    Recipe as requested by some mummies.



    Grinded rodo and onions (dry grounded pepper substitute)

    Utazi (3 leaves because it’s bitter)

    Scent leaf

    Grinder peppersoup spice.


    Salt to taste


    Wash fish thoroughly with either lime juice or rinse with warm water.

    In a pot, add your fish and water with blended rodo and onions, peppersoup spice, maggi and salt to taste.

    Allow too boil for  8 mins. Add the scent leaf and Utazi. Cover for 2 mins. Your delicious catfish peppersoup is ready to eat.

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    Please what is another name for utazi?  Never heard of that before

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    Thanks for sharing, I think utazi is bitter leaf or?

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    It’s not Same as bitter leaf but it’s also bitter. Most igbo sellers in the market sell it, it’s popular among them

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