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    Many of us either have or see these Children in our everyday lives.

    1.You see this child help that lives with your neighbor and this child either:

    a:is always been totured physically and mentally. from dawn till dusk and isn’t even enrolled in a school public or private.

    2.Some franchise who send Children from Togo to Nigeria to work as helps.

    I am more into the fight of CHILD SLAVERY/VIOLENCE

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    And it pains me that women are the ones who are guilty of this act.

    I will give a victim of  CHILD SLAVERY/VIOLENCE my 100% of my all but a woman who is a victim of Domestic Violence a 99% of my myself cos I feel Adults have the power to make a choice but decide to be a victim but  a child hasn’t.

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    honestly all hands must be on deck in the fight against child trafficking and slavery,is not an easy thing ,children are been enslaved and subjected to torture,we need alot of sensitization  especially in rural areas where they culprit always get their prey,promising there parents heaven on earth.but we can as well report  such case close to us to police while we ask to remain anonymous.

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      What angers me the most Is the fact that educated women are the ones who are culprits of this wickedness towards children.

      I had a neighbor a well read one who did this and I reported to NAPTIP immediately she was arrested and I told her to her face that I did it.
      I’ve got no chill when it comes to child molestation,slavery,tortue.

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        thats a good one ,keep it up ,we are together in this .

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    Is so disheartening seeing women in the business, all because of money, God will save us.

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    No child deserves to be enslaved, all children deserve happiness no matter the type background. It so bad seeing young kids being used as house helps,it often baffles me when I see this kids being mistreated this really need to stop.

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    You ate right Precious, the way many women maltreat other people’s children who are under them leaves me to wonder the type of heart devil puts in them. Child slavery is as a result of poverty, else who wouldn’t love her child to always be around her. I blame it all in our economy and our mentality too.

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    Child trafficking is a big issue in Nigeria. Unfortunately they haven’t been able to tackle it for years

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    The fact is, people thinks it’s greener over there and ignorantly expose their female children to danger that might even claim their lives.

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