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    It’s very important to communicate with your partner at every point in time, and not to assume your partner suppose read your mind or know you better. Poor communications are the largest contributor to conflict in relationships. It can threaten the existence of arelationship itself. … Poor communicationcan chip away at self esteem and self confidence.

    How often do you communicate your intentions, way abouts, your dos & donts and secrets to your partner? Please share

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    We talk at least 3times in a day (on phone)  and whatsapp has made everything easier, you just chat up when you miss them

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    when communication is broken that means the relationship is broken too. hubby calls a lot and we talk on whatsapp at any slight opportunity

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    We communicates as often as possible

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    I don’t think this should have to do with how many times cos when you’re able to count it I do not feel you’re communicating Enough.I believe it should be a way of life

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