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    I’m surprised that you are yet to understand your worth if you still keep allowing men treat you like a piece of rag when you clearly deserve more. Have you ever wondered why you keep attracting the wrong ones? The ones who keep treating you like you are a second option.
    Life is basically about finding fulfilment in yourself, if you don’t place a value on yourself nobody will, the reason why you are attracting the wrong ones is because you expect your value and worth to come from a relationship and it doesn’t work that way. A partner can only complement you because you are already a complete being.
    So, your happiness is very important and you should never be in a relationship that makes you sad and unhappy, you are dating a man who keeps hurting you and he keeps treating you like a second option. He makes you cry all of the time and yet you keep going back to him like you owe him and you must pay back, love is not foolishness.
    This man feel like he owns you already because you gave him the full access and he in turn is using your vulnerability against you. He keeps sleeping with you and cheats on you, he even beats you up, the only thing he does is that he gives you money, and you are still with a man like that, how else do I need to spell it out to you that you deserve to be happy.
    I know you have been through a lot but you should not allow your past to define you, just because some men in your past treated you like a scum does not mean you should lose your value, you don’t even know who you are, you basically live your life to please the young man you are dating,
    You are the one who cooks, does his laundries, wash the dishes and he in turn sleeps with you and gives you some money. You shouldn’t be that cheap, you need to wake up and find a man who knows your worth and treats you like a queen.

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    Thanks for sharing this

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    Every woman deserves to be happy in relationships and if that happiness is not there, it annoys to an unprofitable venture that ought to be backed off.

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    Women need to find happiness in themselves first. A man can only make you happy if you are happy already

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    But first of all more importantly you need to find happiness with yourself cos if you haven’t found happiness and you haven’t loved yourself well enough how can you attract similar minds like yours.

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