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    Family bonding time is the time the family spends together meaningfully. Research shows that loneliness predicts death,and being surrounded by family is the best cure for loneliness.

    In our every day life, it’s easy to get caught up in working, hustling that you might forget to bond with your family.

    In fact, with this social media craze, most families forget to bond with each other in the same house, preferring to chat up people far away on their phone.

    Find few hours off every weekend, suspend the use of phones. It could be just an hour of watching a movie together. Make it fun by popping popcorn in the microwave and stepping it down with chilled zobo or juice.

    It could also be shopping together, making dinner together, Cleaning the house together.

    Family bonding time is really important for a healthy family


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    What you are saying is it far from truth. Social media has taken over family time.  Rather than resting and chatting up with your family after work,  we tend to rest with our phone trying to chat with one or two friends online and to know what’s trending on social media.  There’s every need to keep family bonding tight. Thank you for sharing this.

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      I agree with you, if my husband spends 4 hours at home 2 hours will be for his phone, 1 hour for his daughter and 1 hour for me, sometimes we fight about this

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        It used to be like that in my house and I was always fighting about it. Fighting never worked, in fact it made things worse. I had to gently talk to my husband daily about it and gave him reasons why it was wrong. It’s better now at least I get alone time without social media daily with him

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      Exactly, that’s why I put off my data an hour daily to have time for my family

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    you are not far from the truth ,a fmily that stays togther is unbreakable ,but this days social media is taking a toll on families ,we should endavour to bring back the old sparks in our family and always remember family is the only one there when everyother have disappeared


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    Thanks for sharing

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    Thanks for sharing

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