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    Family planning, otherwise known as contraception refers to the diverse methods and techniques whereby couples can determine the number of children they want to have and when.
    Family planning isimportant for the health of a mother and her children, as well as the family’s economic situation.

    Below are various family planning options and benefits:

    1. Condoms Lower the risk of HIV, STIs and unwanted pregnancies.

    2. Combined oral contraceptive pills (COCs) offer significant protection from cancers, ovarian cancers.

    3. Contraceptive implants are also available
    For women who are breastfeeding or have challenges with complying with oral tablets or injections, contraceptive implants are a suitable option.

    4. Consistent breastfeeding provides natural contraception. Consistent and exclusive breastfeeding during the first six months prevents the cyclical release of eggs from the ovaries.

    5. Family planning reduces maternal and child mortality rate. It has been discovered that a woman who has more than 4 children stands a higher risk of dying during pregnancy and childbirth. Similarly, the use of contraceptives has reduced the incidence of unwanted pregnancies among teenagers especially girls less than 18 years who are more likely to suffer adverse events like prolonged obstructed labour and unsafe abortions during pregnancy and delivery.

    6. Family planning prevents unwanted pregnancies among HIV positive women. They can only get pregnant when they are ready to do so.

    In conclusion, consult your healthcare giver who can help you make the best choice tailored towards meeting your own unique needs.

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    thanks for sharing ,we should also consider having a word with our doctor to know the one suitable to our body.

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