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    Heartache has this exceptional ability to allow us to feel oh so deeply. And that can be mistaken for the truest or most sincere emotion.

    But what I soon realized was that by staying stuck in the pity and the sorrow, I was actually robbing myself of the opportunity to feel in another, more profound way.

    It’s probably a moot point to say we simply have to choose happiness, but we just do.

    But the day you make that decision, everything changes. Joy and laughter and genuine elation will come so much more easily and freely than you give them credit for.
    There’s no clear path to follow. There’s no tried and true technique that can catapult us out of agony and into contentment. No one decides that for us.

    But the moment you felt even the slightest bit ready to step out of your misery, every little act after that became one step closer to living a life that you got to choose; A life that was yours.

    Finding pleasure after pain doesn’t take from us what we had before. It doesn’t make the heartache any less real. It is simply allowing you to be present and move forward with the best of intentions and a heart full of love, because if we’re holding onto the pain too tightly, we won’t be free to grab hold of what’s right in front of us. JUST MOVE ON!

    How did you find pleasure again after heartbreak?

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    thanks for sharing

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    Thanks for sharing

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    It’s not really easy finding pleasure after heart breaks, it requires a lot of time to get back in place

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    Thanks for sharing. Time heals all

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    You will keep dragging yourself back if you don’t let the past remain in the past. When you close your eyes because of evil spirit,  you won’t know when the good spirit is passing. Lots of pleasure abounds only if you can forget the past huts.

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    life cannot end bcus of a heartbreak.we have to move on and find happiness or we will end up being drowned in the pain of the past and remain stagnant like a swamp

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