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    I am a foodie, a proud foodie. I love to cook different meals from different tribes. Being married intra tribally, makes it very important to make different types of meals.

    Intercontinental dishes helps spice up your family life. What meals do like to cook?  I would be waiting for answers in the comments section

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    Am not too good in tasting new meals and this limits me from having experienced much variety of foods.

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    food is life ,i love food and i try all kinds of food as long as i can lay my hands on the recipe,i love my afang soup and fufu even though am not from calabar but have mastered it and love it always

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    I also had inter-tribal marriage. Recently I just learnt to cook “Black Soup” the appearance is so ugly but the taste is out of this world. What an experience!

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      Wow same here. I married an Edo man. In fact the black soup was my basis for the write up. It taste amazing, it’s the exact soup for the adage ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’

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    Food is bae, i love eating and cooking, my family’s best food is Eba and egusi so I cook that everyday, I don’t like eba before I got married but later got used to it with time.

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    I can cook to save myself at least but then I love good food.

    I ain’t interested in knowing how cook like a pro maybe not now

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