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    It has been shown that education of children, especially the girl-child, goes a long way in boosting the socio-economic and socio-cultural status of the society.

    You know it is often said that when you educate a girl, you educate the society because it is the women who take care of the children. So, when they are educated and empowered, the society would be the better for it. You know in our society, parents tend to pay undue attention to the education of their male children over and above the girl-child. Children, both males and females should be given equal opportunities to excel and prove themselves in all the areas of their lives.

    This imbalance, coupled with poverty and ignorance, has led to a situation where children who are supposed to be in the classrooms are on the streets hawking wares for their parents or care givers, thus making them vulnerable to sexual exploitation and abuse

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    All children are equal, they should all be sent to school and secure a better future

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    Girl child has equal right with male children too they should be given opportunity to chase their dream too

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    Male children is not more important than the girl child, so every child deserve a chance to be educated

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