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    I am a woman beater (twice), I have failed, I’ve got anger management issues, I am jobless, I am a drop out, I hit my woman on her 24th Birthday at about past 10 p.m. I failed her, I broke her, I love her, she didn’t deserve it, no woman does, I let my anger get the better side of me, I am hurt, I can’t forgive myself, I’ve got suicidal thoughts, I need help, a psychologist, I need a mentor.

    Tonight, I am broken, I have lost it. This isn’t who I am.

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    You need to seek help immediately. Professional help to help you through your issues. This is the most important thing you need to do before anything else. I hope your wife is ok and I hope you get the help you need.

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    Please stay away from your wife o. Go abd get a job and try to get advise from family and friend or help from a counsellor on your issue. You need to fix what you are dealing with personally before adding your wife to your situation. I pray your wife is ok and don’t touch her EVER again!!

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