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    Nigeria is a country which is proud of its public holiday.
    <p style=”padding-left: 30px;”>They don’t play with it. Holidays are meant for rest but the hustle and bustle of Nigeria most people don’t rest.</p>
    Sallah holiday is upon us, try to rest this holiday

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    Wishing us many more sallah. Thanks for sharing

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    This sallah holiday will have been so good, but the kids are on holiday 😂 😂

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    You can say that again. We love celebrations so much despite the hardships people are facing. Happy sallah to all our Muslim brothers and sisters.

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    Another opportunity to get some rest, cool our brains and get them refreshed to function better. Thank God for Sallah celebrations

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    Happy sallah to all our Muslim brothers and sisters.

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    We’ve heard you.Happy Salah to my Muslim brothers and sisters

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