How do I make my 13 months old take solids

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    My baby is 13 months old, she doesn’t stand, she doesn’t eat solids and this is really pissing me off at the moment, I was told she’ll change but the change isn’t forthcoming at all. Please advise on what to do

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    it is advice you get some apps like baby center to track childs milestone ,the aim is to have insight of what a child suppose to do at differnet stages of life ,if you are not sure of your child please take her  to see a peaditrician for proper evaluation to rule out problem ,as for feeding keep trying out new foods there must be something he or she will like either home made or store bought and never neglect our simple nature foods like potatoes mash,beans and plaintain,indomie and egg etc

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      I have taken her to see a pediatrician, they said nothing is not with her, she isn’t trying to stand not even taking of walking at all. I have tried mashes potatoes, mashed plaintain, Gerber multi grain she doesn’t like it.  She only takes nutribom, paper and Tom brown and golden morn

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        since the paedi have rule out abnormality please free the baby is never too late kids do things at there own pace and remeber no one child are the same never compare ,she will work,golden morn is not for children less than 3years ,give the ones he or she  likes and dont forget to add enough milk  ,you can also add multivitamin it helps makes them eat eg wellkid ,or any one you can get depending on your location ,also be more patient in trying new things for her


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    Pls,madam,allow ur child to eat what he/she can eat.It’s with time she/he will eat that solid food.As for the baby,don’t rush her/him to walk,when is time he/she will walk.You can be helping him/her to walk by supporting him/her with your hands.When u are helping her/him to walk,u let go your hands and see if he/she can walk,if he tried to fall,hold him/her.That will help the child to walk.I pray for your child,in Jesus name,your child will walk.Amen.Just have faith,all is well.

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    <p style=”padding-left: 30px;”>All children are different. Relax, take it easy and love your child. If you are too worried, visit a pediatrician</p>

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    Since it had been confirmed that she doesn’t have problems with her legs, just let he be but always try to play with her,  teaching her how to stand.  It was same with my son. He stood up at a year and 6months and walk after 2days.  As per solid food, I suggest you do bring in children of he mates that loves eating to eat in her presence much often. Am sure that will increase her appetite for food.

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    People are created differently, just allow her have whatever she choose to eat as long as it doesn’t disturb her. My 2years old niece is like that. She doesn’t eat any other food except kunu. She drinks kunu like every minute of the day and she’s very very healthy.

    For the walking issue, just give her time since she doesn’t have problems with her legs. She will certainly come around.

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    It truly rakes patience and gradual tutoring for a child to thrive in every area.

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