How do we deal with unwanted pregnancy in marriage?

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    Unwanted pregnancies occur with married women too, this is a situation whereby a married woman got married at a time the child is not needed. But I don’t know what should be considered in this situation is it abortion or keep the baby?  The situation might be due to lack of funds or other private matter

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    This happened to someone I know, they already had 5 children but they decided to keep it. I think the decision depends on the parents. Hard decision tho

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    Children are precious gift from God. It’s advisable to keep the baby once it’s already in, except when the situation is life treathening, then abortion should be suggested

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    No couple should say a pregnancy is an unwanted one. That’s why family planning service is provided. If there’s any mistake and pregnancy occur, I think the child in the womb deserve to live and should be giving right to life.

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    Say NO🚫 to abortion

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    Really hard decision. This why a family planning method should be introduced to change this.

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    To stop situation as this i mean.  But if you are already here, the decision is yours.

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    i dont believe any child is unwanted ,but in any situation dont do something stupid,be close to your doctor his in a best position to advise ,secondly  depends on the number of children one already hard,is either you get rid of it or you born it but Christianity frowns at the latter ,is better to use preventive measures than all this unnecessary pressures people puts on themselves.

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    It’s Surprising but the rate of Abortions amongst married people is disheartening for chrissakes y’all should use preventives.

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