How long should one abstain from sex after childbirth

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    How long is it ideal for a woman to abstain from sex after childbirth. I heard it is 3 weeks for vagina  birth and 6 weeks for cs,how true is this can everyones body be the same to quickly get back to normal activities, what of people with vagina tears?.  I had sex 3 months after my baby’s delivery and that was because hubby was asking for it and I didn’t want him to get the pleasure outside. Let’s share our experience about this

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    Our bodies vary from each other, I think it’s when you know you are ready and healthy to do it

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    When the body is ready. Some women suffer low sex drive and it’s not easy because of their partners. Women are just amazing!. Mine was 6 weeks after but it was discomforting so I waited 1 extra month

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    There is no rules it all depend on your body, just remember to protect yourself.

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    3 weeks ke.. I have sex even in two weeks after birth and I really enjoyed it. I took one week+ to treat my cut. It depends on the body shaa.

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    It has to do with each body type.

    This question has to do with how each person’s body heals.

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