How much breast milk should my baby have after starting solids?

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    Green Ivy

    I thought feeding on breast milk would reduce after introducing solids. There’s no difference!

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    How old is your baby? Probably not one yet. I think breast milk is still most important at this age and stage. So let them feed as much as they want!

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    Yeah your baby’s milk intake shouldn’t change even with introducing solids. Up until 12 months formula manufacturers recommend about 600mls per day which means breastfeeding plenty!

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    True Goldie

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    Breastfeeding all the way for me and my baby up-to 16months. My breastmilk production don’t reduce even while baby eats solid oh.

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    funny enough my baby started sucking more often when he started solid..dunno why but I ll say as much the baby wants..Its the best you can give to them from birth to 12mnths

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    • Thanks guys this advice was helpful to me
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    He should suck as much as he wants depending on your availability. My son is on solids now and he sucks whenever I’m back from work and mostly in the night

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    It doesn’t reduce he craves for breast milk just as much as before Solid was introduced 😛

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    Happy O

    <!–more–>if you are a full time house wife,  your baby should be able to get as much breast milk as he want despite of the introduction of baby food,  except his intake to baby food is constant on decline.

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    keep doing it momma ,it pays off my baby started solids at 4 months due to circumstance beyond my control we are 11months today he still sucks like tomorrow no dey,he still eats his solids very well but must hold on to his boobs before and after sleep.

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    My baby is 13 months she eats well during the day but at night all she does it sucking till day break. The breast intake reduced when she started taking other food but she cries for breast when she wants to sleep, I think the breast intake either reduce or remain the same when food is introduced it depends on the child

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