How true is all these pregnancy superstitions?

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    When I was pregnant, I was told not to walk in the sun,not to walk at night and to always go out with safety pin on my tummy. Are all these things really for real? I heard if you walk in the sun your baby will change to a witch or some sort of things. Let’s discuss

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    I don’t know what you believe in but I never observe any of that and I never had any problem

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    all those things are superstitious believe and besides what you  believe happens ,i dont believe in them and most times under the sun is my favourite place because i hustle till i put to bed ,dont let them scare you .even the one the said u should put pin in your cloth all those things doesnt work simple.

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    I don’t believe in them and baby and I are fine . I delivered safely and I’m thankful to God

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    I don’t care about them.Eat well follow doctor’s instructions and everything will be good just fine.

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