How true is it that sexual life becomes boring after having kids?

Home Forum Motherhood How true is it that sexual life becomes boring after having kids?

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    My sexual life actually went down after having my child  because I now give all the attention to my child I rarely have time for hubby, but with little time I realized I had to balance both hubby and baby. But at the early stage it isn’t as easy as we thought it was going to be but with time things changed.

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    If u’ve got someone who triggers that button it’s Enjoyment Jollof All the way

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    actually it happens ,but with you and your partners effort with time everything will normalize,if your partner understands your mumu buttons and help out in some certain chores with time you will bounce back ,it actually happens to my the very first 6 months after i gave birth to my son .

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    Same thing happened to me. I had to intentionally make time for hubby by creating date nights while leaving baby with grandma. It helped a lot 

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>It’s a normal thing for a woman’s love for her husband to decrease after child birth. You tends to love and care more for your child more than husband but as time goes on, the love for your husband gradually returns especially when he showers you and the baby with much love. The closer you are,  the Sexier and much attractive you become to each other. It comes naturally, sexual problems only comes when you stop admiring your husband</p>

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    It happens, but with both party effort sex life gets back to normal

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    You must make time for each other

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    It might be so,  considering that you have loads of things now calling for your attention but if you can manage your time well, give much attention to your man, that love will click again and you can active sexually again.

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    Thanks everyone

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    It will get boring if the only reason for sex in the first place was to have children. If not it won’t.

    After two,it is still interesting and exciting but it took conscious and intentional work to get the spark back considering the fact that having children comes with both emotional and physical changes.

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