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    i have a friend who is considering getting married to a non -nigeria and another religion as well ,but the parents are against her getting married but she is so bent on going ahead even without the parents blessings ,whats your take on this?

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    This is a serious situation. Marriage is never a one man affairs. Your parents consent is neccessay in marriage. Is she going to marry the man without bride prize? In the time of trouble, who will she run to? If she thinks she can withstand the challenges that comes with marriage all alone in a foreign land, I can only wish her luck… Else, have a rethink over her decision.

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    I agree with Omalichamu, she need to have a rethink over her decision.

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    Marry whom Ur heart desires and whom you can handle his flaws whilst still loving him

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    Parents should let their 👶👧👦marry the person they love❤😘

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