Is Whipping Your Child Discipline Or Child Abuse?

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    some say whipping a little is better than no whipping at all,others say whipping the only way to discipline a child. Meanwhile, in some states whipping is considered child abuse. what do you say?

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    I whip them oh when the need arises . It helps me keep them in check because Hmmmmmmmmm na headache for me as na 3 boys I get.  Lol

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      lol! Two boys no easy oh! But again, How do we cope when we travel to country where it is considered child abuse? <!–more–>

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    Happy O

    I don’t think whirpping a child is an abuse rather I sent it as a corrective measure to checkmate them but the whirpping mustn’t go out off hand shaa. Lately,  I discovered that I can substitute whirpping with punishments like picking pin for some minutes or kneeling down with 2hands up

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    spare the rod and spoil the child

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    I believe every child has a means of discipline they listen to but beating them and leaving them in mental torture is bad.
    From: Precious Ozavize

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      I agree…There are other ways to discipline a child than whipping…so,I say whipping is child abuse

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    Both. But moderation is key

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    Whipping a child is said to be the only correctional means in Africa, I support it partially , cause they’re scared of cane most times , but when correcting the we should do it with love, when we do it with love the would obey for the sake of the love the felt when they’re being corrected

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    for me i cant spare the rod and spoil my child ,if what he or she does after corrcetion he still repeats same a little whip wil help bring back sanity .


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    To me whipping a child is not an abuse but a corrective measure in a child’s upbringing, when a child is beaten once I think next time there will be a change in the behavior .

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    Everything have limit. Even the Bible says “Spare the rod and spoil the child” whatever you do,  do it with love for a correction to be taken.

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