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    Jaundice is a common health issue in newborn infants. Around 60 percent of newborns experience jaundice, and this increases to 80 percent of premature infants born before 37 weeks of pregnancy.


    They will normally show signs within 72 hours of birth.


    Red blood cells in the body of an infant are frequently broken down and replaced. This causes the production of more bilirubin. Also, the livers of infants are less developed and, therefore, less effective at filtering bilirubin from the body.


    Symptoms will usually resolve without treatment within 2 weeks. However, infants with extremely high bilirubin levels will require treatment with either a blood transfusion or phototherapy.


    In these cases, treatment is vital as jaundice in newborns can lead to kernicterus, a very rare type of permanent brain damage.

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    is really informative ,have had two cases of jaudice with two of my children but it wasnt an extreme case ,just early morning sunlight solved it.

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    Very valuable information. Because delay in treatment leads to death

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    I witnessed that on my first child though it was a mild one. All I did was to keep him on the early morning sun for days and the jaundice disappeared for good.

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    Jaundice in children is seeing like normal thing for every new born and most people don’t take it serious especially when it’s not severe. ┬áIt’s easy to treat even without cost when the case is not severe by exposing the on the early morning sun.

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    Thanks for sharing the valuable information.

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