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    As a Girl/Boy, in serious relationship or married; is it possible to have a bestie of opposite sex and not cheat on your partner?

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    It is not right . It’s unfair to the spouse,because he or she is supposed to be their best friendĀ 

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    As for me I feel if you had this bestie before you met your boyfriend,i feel you guys already have reached a point where you really just care for each other on a friendship level not intimately cos if you didn’t I feel he should have been your lover already but if you’re having after a you’re in a relationship then I feel you’re Missing something that’s why you’re looking elsewhere for what is missing.

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    There nothing a woman needs a male bestie for, it is really wrong

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    It’s bad for a woman to have a male friend, it causes insecurity issues in her relationship

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    “Preciou” I quite agree with everything you said. That’s simple lii y the truth.

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    not healthy please

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