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    Some relationships are ended because of just little things, some of these little things is kissing. Kissing is a practice of love, a man can love kissing but the lady might not be able to cope with the odour from the guys mouth, not all women can take the smell for love. How do you cope with a partner who has mouth odour and also loves kissing

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    Love covers so many things. ┬áThat’s the essence of dating before marriage. If you can’t deal with your partners weakness, no need of staying with him or her

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    Love conquers all, but not in situations of ladies like me who get irritated by any little smell

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    <p style=”text-align: right;”>This one though. But love is deeper than any challenge</p>

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    Is this a relevant topic for chrissakes I believe if you’ve become so close it shouldn’t be an issue telling your partner to use more menthol mouth cleaners

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