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    Man and woman joined together as husband and wife are meant to be one in all their dealings. Mostly in this part of the world, Africa, after joining man & woman in holy matrimony, few weeks, months, or years later, families will start tripping in for a stay. It’s quite understandable that most times women don’t have control over that especially, from her in-laws. And most times, the presence of 3rd party ruins the happiness of the couple.

    Any experience on how you handled 3rd party in your home or How it can be handled to maintain a happy family?

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    I don’t buy the idea of having a third party in a marriage it’s ruins their happiness it takes away their private life. It’s reybad. And parents feels when you don’t accommodate people you’re bad.

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    The only way to handle a 3rd party in a marriage is to allow them know their place where they belong to

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    when you have no option than having a third party ,there is nothing one can do rather wisdom is profitable to direct in such situation


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    I prefer rendering every required help to any 3rd party from a distance. You can come for a visit that’s not more than a month but living with a third party is a Hell NO!

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    The intrusion of in-laws in a home is going to cause small/major rifts in the home cos each will be in competition for the attention of their Blood and since you’re a new member of the family they see you as Competition

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    It required wisdom and patient because it not easy.

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    Thanks for sharing

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