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    You married someone you trusted, and you gave yourself to that person. How could it be that the person you once trusted with your life now acts like the person who could take your life? Whether you are facing unpredictable anger or outright physical abuse, this is betrayal at its worst.

    As you probably know, women who are victimized usually don’t think like that. It’s more likely that you feel guilty, as if somehow you are the cause of judgment on your spouse.
    Most likely, you are numb, scared, confused, and paralyzed.
    Don’t let your sense of guilt of shame paralyze you.

    Distinguish between loving your spouse and wanting to be loved by your spouse and seek for help before it gets out of hand.

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    This is true, it happens to so many people. Thanks for sharing

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    Run when you have to, that’s how most women die of domestic violence

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    Run from domestic violence

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