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    Happy O

    In most cases, I’d agree that many parents feel that education is very important for their children, but they don’t always know how to emphasize its importance at home.
    In fact, many parents expect their children to bring home A’s and B’s without really doing much more than dropping them off at school every day. And while school attendance is vital to success, even if your child is very bright, certain tools for future success such as good study skills, organization and prioritizing must be emphasized at home.
    You may say it’s teachers job, yes, teachers and schools do have a big responsibility for what happens in the classroom, but, the good news, however, is that it’s not as hard as you may think to make learning a priority at home. Below are few tips:
    1. Build A Relationship with the Teacher
    2. Create a Routine: If you truly want to make education a lifelong priority, it has to be modelled at home by you so that your children will firmly understand its importance.
    3. Don’t make excuses for their failure: Parents typically want their children to do better than they did in all areas of life. This is normal, but it’s not going to happen by making excuses for them, probably because you don’t know how to help them. More reason why you need good relationship with the teacher


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    Education refines you,keeps you informed and sharpens your inner mind..Education is acquiring the right information..It is beyond the classroom hence it is very important in the life of every child..It teaches them how to interact intelligently and moreso have good morals.Education is far more than paperwork.Education begins when a child starts to learn,as little as an infant.As soon as they know what “No” means then it has started..

    Parents are their child’s first teacher..If u don’t teach them the right thing,dere is no magic the teacher in school can do abt it.I believe every parent has to stay informed in order to make education a priority for ur child.

    I see some parents pushing their child to their teachers in school and when they get home,they ve another lesson teacher,don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with that.All I’m saying is you MUST play with ur role in the child’s life academically only then can u make it a priority because as the child grows up,he or she sees how dedicated u are to their academics and how u strive to make them come out the best,then they make it a priority to themselves..

    This is a very good topic…whoever posted this,great job👏

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    I love this.It says it All

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    Indeed the parent is a a child’s first teacher. Thanks guys this was educative.

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    education starts at home ,teachers cannot do it all ,we parents should also be supportive not on;ly with our money we should also sacrifice our time and all other things to make sure our child gets the best ,so we should make it one of our utmost priority

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