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    Marital instability and family structure are critical issues in Africa, where divorce comes with dire consequences for the health and education of children. Should women remain in marriages that’s not working and may claim her life as a result of domestic violence?

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    Why remain in a marriage that’s not working?  That might even claim your life. Domestic violence is one of the things killing women nowadays,they opt to remain in a marriage with beating, Hunger, depression and all sort. I will personally advice for a divorce as soon as the husband starts domestic violence.

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    Separation and divorce are emotionally difficult events, but it is possible to have a healthy breakup.

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    in as much as i dont fancy divorce but not when domestic violence is involved ,is only whenn you are alife that you can be able to train your children and talk about what you passed through ,please i know God can do wonders but is better you pray from afar,separate first and if there is no change seek for divorce and make sure you take custody of your child/children ,life has no duplicate ,domestic voilence have claimed so many lifes in this our part of the world .

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    Marriage is wonderful when you marry the right person and also when God  is in the foundation. I always advice my friends not to rush into marriage even when they are in their 30’s I am all for enduring, persevering and being a good wife but once domestic violence is involved, please run for your life.

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    I feel at this juncture it isn’t Even something to debate about if it’s life threatening either Physically or Emotionally,you definitely should take a break and if after the break your partner ain’t Ready to change you leave.

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    People say it ain’t easy to leave but Woman! I did& I’ve been loving the sane me&i ain’t going back even if he became Pope.

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