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    Studies have shown that a large percentage of married men who engage in extra marital affairs, are Unhappy in their marriage.  Men also want attention, contrary to popular opinion that men are not emotionally dependent. You can make you man happy by practicing the following tips.

    1. Make sex a priority: Every man wants good sex. Your ability to manage the chores at home and still make out time to pleasure your husband, will earn his respect and admiration for you.

    2. Make your home a haven: Your husband wants to come back to a peaceful home, and into your loving arms. The way you greet him when he comes back matters a lot. Greet him with excitement. Tell him how much you have missed him. Make him feel welcome in his home.

    3. Meet your man’s needs: Listen to the needs of yoru husband. Men appreciate women who put them and their needs first.

    4. Tell him he is the head: When you choose to submit to your husband, you fuel his ego. He always wants to be around the person that boosts his ego.

    5. Kiss him always: A healthy daily dose of passionate kissing will boost your marriage.

    6. Look Good always: Do not have a wifey mindset. Think like you used to when you were dating.

    7. Bring back date night: Date nights is fun and romantic, it gives you something to look forward to.

    8. Smile and speak kind words to him always

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    Date night is very important. Thanks for the tips

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    this tips are helpful always remeber to back it up with prayers ,cause if the man doesnt have God at heart even if you kill yourself he will still be lviving an immoral life.

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    This is lovely. Having a happy home is the best thing that can happen to anyone marriage.  Men love recognition a lot.

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    Thanks for sharing this with us

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    Noted but then we’ve been told this from generation to generation

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