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    <p style=”text-align: left;”><span style=”font-size: 16px;”>My uncle always says, he made a very big mistake marrying the woman  chosed by his mother. He married his wife to kindle that love but it never came to pass. Now a very close friend of mine has being battling with a decision of whom to marry between 2 of her suitors. One shows her so much and treats her like a queen and the guy is much more welcomed by her family but she does not have an aorta of love for him. While she’s crazy about her first love who disvirgined her. He spends larvishly on her but have eyes on other girls. Now she’s afraid that she may never fall in love with the first guy even in marriage and that may lead to serious marrital problems.</span></p>
    The question is, Who should She Marry: The one who loves her or the one who she loves?

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    Love covereth multitude of sins.  If her love for her first love is big enough to tolerate her man’s wayward lifestyle, I will advise she marries her first love.  Marrying someone she’s not in love with can cause infidelity in marriage and it’s swing as a big offence for a married woman to engage in an extra marital affairs.

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    I’ll advice she marries the one who loves her, I’m sure he’ll do anything and go miles for her, but if she marries the one she loves she might end up being the only one in love, when a man treats you right you’ll definitely love him sooner or later

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    She should marry the one who loves her. She can grow in love with him. The one that’ cheats, she might end up resenting him. 

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    I think and also love with my head for chrissakes how can you love someone who Cheats on you to your face it’s issues like this that sometimes lead to domestic violence in Marriage

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