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    Different families have their way of planning their meals and the food they eat.

    I don’t like the routine life of a meal timetable whereas it works for some families.

    As far as there’s the right amount of classes of food most especially protein, vegetables, carbohydrates which is balanced diet, I think both ways work.

    How do you do meal planning in your house?

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>I do ensure that piece of meat or fish is available to represent protein, vegetables for vitamins, oils fat fat & oil, carbirhydate is almost in all our foods. At least 3- 4 classes of food must be available.</p>

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    My meals have no plans ooo, any my MIL is always angry about it because I eat whatever I feel like taking and hubby support too

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    Same here with me, I don’t like routine meal timetable. It gives me much joy and pleasure to eat whatever I want to eat whenever I want it as long as its a balanced diet.

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    I prepare it as the idea and inspiration comes.I love to experiment so I have no meal plan

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    It’s good to have a meal plan so one will be able to balance all classes of food in them

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    I don’t have meal plan but I try as much as possible to eat balance diet.

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