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    <b>Many children has gone off the track and no longer hold any value on morals. They are </b>behaving in a way that shows low <b>moral</b> standards in the society, which means gross reduction in the <b>moral</b> values. Moral values seems to be deteriorating and has collapse in upholding our societal values, beliefs, norms and ethical standards.

    What are you doing in your own little way to curb moral decadence?

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    I am bringing my child up to distinguish Good from Bad not cos society says it’s either but because she has a mind of her own to decipher.In summary I am bringing up a child with a mind so strong of her own

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    I’m raising my child to know the difference between good and bad and also a mind to stand on her words and decisions. if you don’t do it the society will help you raise the child the way you won’t like

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