The joy and pain of motherhood.

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    Let’s talk about the joy and pain of motherhood.

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    Happy O

    Frankly,  motherhood comes with an awesome experience but very very challenging and talking. Can’t forget that felling of fulfilment, excitement, joy unspeakable I experienced holding my first child on my arms,  it was as if I have gotten everything I hv ever desired in life. He was like my world and I almost transferred all the love to him. Motherhood is not a joke at all. Staying awake at all cost when you are dam tired from washing baby clothes, doing all the house chores as the woman of the house, and as you want to lay your head to rest,  there comes the voice of your bundles of joy, calling for attention… Uusshhh! Painful though, but that’s what makes us who we are… “Mothers”

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    Motherhood,is a joyous experience,should I talk about the staying up late, breastfeeding, turning to a doctor when my daughter is sick or thinking of how to make her understand what I want to teach, at first being a young woman and having to face it all alone was very scary to me, but my daughter taught me how to be the best mother for her, MOTHERHOOD is filled with joy, though it has it’s sad time’s too, but even that sad time is a lesson too

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    Motherhood hmmmmm I won’t say there are pains.It’s all Joy..The bulging stomach,sleepless nights,weight gain,constant attention,d labour pains,loss or increase in appetite,tiredness,swollen faces n faces….

    These things only happen once in while and peculiar to every child…no two pregnancies are the same..Its all Joy bcus every moment is special…itx memories are for life.The Joys of bin able to carry a living being in you..Not everyone is privileged to experience that.I personally see no pain in it,only immeasurable Joy..

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    At this point for me,the Joy’s of motherhood  are the hugs from those little hands of my two year old, the subtle voice that says I love you, the nonsensical laughter about nothing…. The pain’s of motherhood starts when she refuses to use her potty , the countless screams, when my sitting room looks like world war two happened or when she spills juice on a white dress and that’s how we wore black to an all white party. Lol!

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    like the saying everything that has advantage has disadvantage like motherhood has its pain and gain attached but with God by our side we always laugh last forgeting the pains when we start reaping the gains ,the pains worth the gains afterwards

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    To. Me every part of motherhood is fun and beautiful, from the pain to the happiness involved it’s all beautiful

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    The joy of motherhood exceeds the pain. Mere looking at your baby wipes out every pains,  humiliations and shames of the past. The excitement is incomparable. The only aspect that brings a mother down is the lost of her baby and apart from that, God has made it in such a way that the presence of children in every woman’s life strengthens and encourages her to strive hard in life with all joy and greater hopes for future.

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    Nothing is like motherhood. From the pregnancy announcement all the way to the birth of a grandchild, there is great joy during each stage of motherhood. And that joy is often on public display in photo albums, birth announcements, and social media.  We see pictures of the new mom smiling with fresh make-up on while holding a just bathed newborn. We see pictures of a couple joyfully receiving a child in adoption. But what we do not see is the great pain of the labor prior to that joy. Pain precedes the joy, because the joy is the celebration and the fruit of enduring the pain.

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    Mother hood as being Joy for me all the way even when I had a baby when it wasn’t exactly the right time frame for me cos I had school and so much more ahead.

    It’s been beautiful I’ve known no pain.

    Even my Labor was a miracle in itself

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