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    My water broke at exactly 3:45am it was during Ramadan period so I cooked for my husband cleaned up and went back inside, I didn’t feel so much pain until 4:30am when I couldn’t sleep again, l lot my appetite too. The pain was still about 10 minutes apart I felt the urge to sleep but I couldn’t. I left home for the hospital at 5:00pm, when I got to the hospital I was just 3cm dilated. By 7 pm the contractions became 5 mins apart. Went into the labour room at 12am at 9cm but it didn’t move further, I was still at 9cm till 3am. The pain was unbearable but I had to hold it further Because of my angel. At 4:30 I dilated to 10cm at last, the head was crowning but i was already tired due to the long labour I couldn’t push, a drip was serving for me which helped me in the pushing of my baby. The doctor told me to touch the head and indeed it was so near but they had no choice than to give me a cut because my baby was so big. At 5:20pm I had her the placenta dropped immediately. My baby was 3.9kg. Let’s share our experience too

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    Too painful, I don’t like thinking about it. My boy just makes me happy and worth the pain

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    Oh sweet mother! Girl your really suffered for being in labour for over 12 hours. I laboured for less than 3 hours and I felt like passing out.

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    You’re super strong. Mine was just 4 hours and I was almost dying

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