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    Does anyone know anything about or have experienced the Omugwo practice before.

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    This is a common practice amongst the Igbo tribe in Nigeria but other tribes have similar practices as well. It is when a nursing mother and her baby are being  care for by a close family member for the first few weeks of motherhood. They are cared for round the clock and the new mom is taught about motherhood, naturally by her mother or mother-in-law. If they aren’t available then another close female family member does it.

    Although I am not Igbo, I did experience some aspects of omugwo when I had my son. My sister in law took care of me as a new mom. This helped a great deal.

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      Happy O

      Just ensure your mom is available  and ready to sacrifice for you. Believe you me,  it’s quite an awesome experience

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    well in my part of Africa, you wake up to body massage, hot spicy soup, a hot water bath, drinking warm water only and countless talks on how to sleep when your baby is asleep. Well this usually was supposed to go on for three months but guess what yo sister here did after three weeks? yea you guessed right! i broke free like a bird.

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    My mother is the best. God bless her, I enjoyed myself after childbirth. She cooked, washed and took care of my baby

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      Happy O

      <!–more–>I guess you must be the workerholic type 😁 Staying in one place for long bores you a lot. But 3 weeks isn’t bad anyway

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    Happy O

    ONUGWA practice is done when you newly put to bed, especially when it’s your first experience on child bearing. Your mum or mother-in-law is being invited to come and nurse your child and take proper care of you for you to regain your stamina. During this ONUGWA period,  she will be the one to birth your baby morning & evening, prepare hot pepper soup for you at least twice a day for the first 2weeks after birth, message your tummy with very hot water morning & night for the first 2weeks after birth, so that your protrude tummy can go back to normal. Washing of baby clothes & cooking is hers. In fact during this period, you are being pampered shege, all you do is breastfeeding your baby & eating food. But the truth is, most times its only your biological mother will do all this sacrifice for you, so don’t expect much from your mother-in-law. Omugwu is a sweet experience every new mother suppose enjoy.

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      Happy O

      Lucky you,  your mother was available to care for both you & your baby… It’s a lovely experience, I must confess.. Most women who their Omugwu is being done by their mother-in-law, the reverse is usually the case. You are left with all the house chores and to serve them, just to be a good wife 😂😂

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    Happy O

    The major idea for Omugwu is for you to lean how to take proper care of your child from an experienced mother so you don’t make mistakes.

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    omugwuo is popularly know for igbo tribes ,when a new mum gave birth ,it is known that the mother will come around to do omugwu for at least 3months ,the essence is for the new mum to have time to rest and nurse the baby and also have assistant ,when i had my first child my mum came few days after delivery she baths ,the baby ,cook and help massaga my stomach with hot water and carry baby when i need to take a nap ,is a very interesting experience especially when u have a hard workingmum,some stay as far as they want from 3months upwards in turn in appreciation when mama will be going alot will be bought and alot of money given in appreciation of her good deeds,omugwu is sweet have had two great omugwu with mama but this 3rd one i wasnt opportuned because i gave birth almost same time with my sister who is a first time mum,so i ask mama to go since i have had two previous experience and by Gods grace we are 11 months now and walking already ,mama keep praising me for work weldone all alone .if u have not yet experience omugwuo please u need to cause a trial will convince u and give you more insight about it.

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    I am not an igbo woman but this practice is also done in my tribe. As for me my MIL was so nice, she stayed with me from the hospital till my baby was 6 months, she baths the baby, press my tummy, cook, and do the laundry. Nothing is left for me to do than to eat sleep and watch the TV , everyone told me how lucky I was. I didn’t know it was so hectic until she left,  I wasn’t balance for almost 2 months today she left. Here I am my baby is 13 months and we are doing fine. God is great

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    Omugwo practice is very common in igbo land. Whenever you put to bed, your mother or anyone who can represent mother figure for you will come around to take care of you and your new baby for weeks so you can have enough rest and also learn how to take care of your baby

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