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    Lots of people has the opinion that there is no health risk involved in Oral Sex.
    Some bacteria live in perfect symbiosis with certain areas of our bodies, but they may become dangerous in contact with other areas. Therefore, it is possible to get a throat infection in oral sex even when both participants are STD-free

    For HIV, there is greater risk when the person giving oral sex has cavities, open sores or cuts.

    Chocking, suffocating and biting can happen by accident, mostly with unexperienced/first-timers not being able to handle larger-than-average sexual organs.

    Now whats your take?

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    Oral sex is very bad and not its open the body for infection

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    Kawther_pearl but am thinking its more safe than anal sex

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Frankly I don’t like practicing it because it irritates me a lot. But the funny part is I love it when my partner gives me oral sex first, it turns me on like fire😁</p>

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    Oral sex is good, but care should be taken when it is done

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    There’s nothing wrong with oral sex.

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    I feel precautions should be taking when having oral sex just as precautions should be taking when having normal sex.

    Oral sex is a yes for me do you know what it sparks in your world.

    I am all for it.Safety Precautions should be carried out in every phase of one’s life.

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